I hope that wherever you are tonight , that you feel free

The winter air hit my face like a bitter slap . It reminded me that I was still alive . Still breathing , still trying to find my way back home . Home , a word that held no meaning until now . Home was where my soul ached to be . To heal .... Continue Reading →

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If I could write a letter to the girl I was 7 months ago ……

If I could speak to the fragile girl that began the journey through the first year of grief, I would say so much more than I ever could have imagined I would say, and it all starts with this statement... As you stand there dripping in fear and sorrow, overwhelmed with the war that seems... Continue Reading →

This photo was taken at my moms grave during my talk with her . I had no idea but this really captures the essence of true loss and heartbreak

Choosing happiness

Today has been one of those days that  make you feel like you've been dropped in the ocean with no life vest while wave after wave washes over you until you are left clinging to a nearby rock for safety . Its one of those days that , although rare, leave a mark . I... Continue Reading →

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