To the restless warriors with the broken souls

Tonight my heart is aching and my spirit is broken. Every broken piece of me wants to fall to my knees, helpless and defeated. My soul aches just to give up but there’s a tiny voice in my heart that is still whispering  hold on for dear life. My faith has been shaken and my life has... Continue Reading →

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The best people

They have been broken down, ripped apart, lied to and cheated on. They have been battered and bruised, ripped apart and shamed and yet, somehow, they have overcome. They have stood tall against adversity and overcame the odds when the World said they wouldn't , that they couldn't . They have worked hard to rebuild... Continue Reading →

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There is never a wrong way to grieve

Death comes in so many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s quick and extraordinarily tragic circumstances. Sometimes it’s slow, painful, and drawn out . In all the different ways death affects our lives, grief is the same. Grief is an angry beast unlike any other, and let me assure you, there is no wrong way to... Continue Reading →

To the girl I used to be

To my unguarded heart. I miss you. I miss how you used to make decisions without thinking, I miss how you were so hopeful and optimistic and full of love. I miss how you would believe in fairy tales, happy endings and forever. I miss your confidence in love and the way you believed in... Continue Reading →

Surviving Grief

Grief will come ravaging into your soul , eclipsing pockets of your heart you didn’t know existed. And much like an unexpected guest—a distant family member overstaying her welcome, grief will cause destruction in every crevice of your life. She won’t care about your plans. She’ll nag you, haunt you, and anchor you to her... Continue Reading →

If you were here

I don’t think any amount of time without you can make the fact that you’re missing from all of the most important moments my life any easier. No matter where this life takes me, it is clear that something very important is missing, and that super important something is you. If you were still alive,... Continue Reading →

When its 1 am on a Friday night …..

It’s 1 am on a Friday night. Your room is dark, besides the dull glow of the moon shining in through your curtains. You’re buried beneath your blankets, tirelessly rearranging your pillows, trying to find a comfortable position. You’re completely exhausted, yet completely awake. Your mind is spinning with thoughts and your neck and head... Continue Reading →

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